Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 9 May 2012 16:04
36 26.0 N 27 23.1 E
Tuesday and Wednesday 8 - 9th May
We had a fast passage across to Tilos mostly motor sailing although the
wind did pick up a bit and we actually had the gib unfurled for about one
The small town and quay in Tilos are lovely - we enjoyed our stay. There
are lazy lines on the quay and the German harbour Mistress - Eddie greets
you at the entrance - when busy you have to reverse into the harbour but
when we arrived there were just 2 other boats there so we could turn round
inside.Our second night there there were 9 boats inside two on the
starboard side along side as well as 4 at anchor in the bay of the beach.
There was an excellent butchers that sold lovely pork - turn away from the
beach after the church and follow the lane for about 200 metres - it's on
the right opposite a small hotel.There were several small minimarkets and
a good bakery and of course numerous eateries.
The best place to swim is off the launching jetty across the car park to
the right of the quay as the beach is big stones and you certainly need
shoes! The small taverna near to the quay has wifi and they froze our
fresh pork chops for us. We took the local bus for a trip round the island
and the driver kindly stopped for me to take some pictures. We saw two
other possible anchorages (both had yachts at anchor)and a small harbour
which seemed to have sufficient depth on the port side. there were a
couple of very small fishing boats inside and the bus driver told us there
was good depth there!