Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 27 Jul 2010 06:51
36 17.6N 30 08.9E
Finike marina 27th - 28th July
We had a fairly swift passage to Finike with a favorable breeze and current pushing us along (but not much wind as usual!)
Having got tied up we filled up with water washed the boat down and tidied up after a couple of weeks of anchoring this needed doing!
We were on a pontoon near to another EMIR boat - Manca and had a brief chat to Terry and Dorothy when we saw them. However by this time
Jacky's voice had all but disappeared (peace for Rob at last). Having started with a sore throat and tickly cough the bug seemed to have progressed
and Jacky was feeling pretty rough so spent the rest of the day resting and taking Day Nurse and sucking throat sweets. It was very hot and neither of us felt like eating much so
an early night was decided upon - this unfortunately was not to be as the bars and discos along the marina were in full flow until well after midnight!
We decided another night was not worth paying for so left around 1000 next morning and sailed east to the anchorage where we had been a couple of weeks previously - just
south of the famous ancient city Olympus, Cineviz Limani. We found the bay rather full of day trip gulets and a few yachts but eventually got a suitable space to drop the anchor.
Unfortunately although all the day trip boats left we were then almost hemmed in by two large 'live aboard' gulets which arrived around 1800 and proceeded to anchor and tie onto the rocks on either side of us.
this was fine until the wind changed and we of course were swinging to the wind while they were fixed. As we got closer to the anchor chain of of one and the other began its very loud disco music we decided it wasn't
worth staying the night so headed off for Alanya instead. This was a 70 mile passage and seemed the best option under the circumstances.