Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 2 Jul 2011 05:02
40 46.7 N 24 42.4 E
Thasos Town or Limenas Sunday 26th June - 2nd July
We arrived in the large harbour here and once inside the eastern mole we were well sheltered from the swell
we had encountered on our sail across from Keramotis.
Having selected a spot on the town quay we were soon all fast - stern to with 60 metres of chain holding us out incase of strong winds later in the week.
We were helped to moor by a friendly French couple on the boat next to us and also the owners on a Hanse 350 just down the quay. This place is brilliant
- free water and electricity and no berthing fees! We do occasionally get some swell inside the harbour when there is a NW wind but otherwise our stay
has been incident free. The town is quite deceptive as if you only wander along the sea front it appears to be mostly tourist shops and tavernas. But it is
actually quite big  and further in land there are loads of small hotels, self-catering apartments small 'pensions' and various normal shops dotted all around the
streets. We have been spoilt for choice regarding where to eat out all at very reasonable prices too. We found a great little bar called 'Cheers' recently taken on by
Carl and Alexander from the UK. They gave us some good local information regarding shops and places to eat and provided us with a great base to have coffee and
drinks during our stay.
In addition they were showing Wimbledon and in particular Andy Murray's matches!
June and Steve arrived a couple of days after us and June and Jacky went off on a bus trip to the check out the south of the island. Visiting Potos the second largest
town on the island. The island is very attractive - steep craggy hills well wooded in the north but sadly quite sparse as yet in the south following devastating forest fires 20 odd years ago.
The west coast has numerous small bays with sandy coves for swimming and crystal clear turquoise water lapping the shores.There are several small harbours with moles
behind which boats can shelter or anchor off - something we will explore soon. In Potos the main beach is backed by wall to wall tavernas with there own set of beach beds and sun umbrellas.
We chose a bar called Boomerang to have iced coffee (freddo cappuccino) and a light lunch. We met a couple from the UK who have been holidaying on Thasos for 10 years so learnt a bit more about
the island from them. The main road runs around the edge of the island and there are only a few roads that lead into the interior hillside villages. June and Jacky visited one - Theologos on their bus trip. This is
an old village with two churches and a mixture of crumbling buildings a renovated cottages all with slate roofs and tall chimneys.
On Thursday Gerry and Bert arrived dead on time despite the earlier worries of strikes in both the UK and Greece. We had hired a car to meet them and then used it the following day to explore the island further.
We visited the inland village of Maries which is set at the end of a very long wood lined river valley. The olive trees that spread on either side of the route were numerous and appeared to be
very ancient and the village itself is set on very precipitous like hillsides! We stopped for coffee in the old square sitting under a huge trees which provided us with some welcome shade.
Next stop was for a swim at Paradise Bay which involved driving down a sandy dirt track ( a bit like a ski run through the woods in the Alps!) to a tiny bay where we parked the car and found a wonderful
clean beach for a delightful swim. The back drop here was beautiful with well forested hillsides reaching up to craggy mountain like tops and a small island just off the coast protecting the bay.
Our circuit of the island next took us to the villages of Potamis and Panagia - we stopped at the latter for a late lunch in a taverna - Elena - which had been recommended by some folks from the UK.
Following our delicious spit roasted lamb/ pork/ chicken we wandered around the small town set on the mountainside and bisected by small rivulets sometimes channeled into ducts and other times open streams.
There was a very large church the roof of which was being repaired - like all the house here this was covered in what seemed to be rock tiles - too thick for slate but obviously it can be split as one does with slate.
it was a charming place and well worth the stop.  The north east side of the island was very mountainous and the road wound its way through these before a gentle decent back into the main port of Thasos passing the
huge marble quarry en route.
Saturday morning saw us preparing the boat for a sail to Limnos - Rob topped up the water tanks and Jacky did some last minute shopping.
Unfortunately the water heating element brought out by Bert and Gerry is not the correct fitting ( so all that trouble we had with delivery and getting Marine Mega Stores in the UK to provide us with the part was to no avail!) so we will have to try and source one locally if we are to get hot water when we are on shore power. However the replacement deck shower head bought through the Hanse office in Hamble Point was fitted and works fine so that was a relief.( Great service from then at it was ordered on Monday and delivered to B. and G. on Tuesday!) Hoping to get Bert up the mast to check out the Windex before we leave and we may treat ourselves to a 'Full English' breakfast at 'Cheers' too.
We shall be saying cheerio to Steve and June as they are heading off towards Thessaloniki - hopefully we will see them again sometime over the next few months.