Cala Volpe

Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 27 Jun 2009 16:21
41 06.8N 09 32.4E
We had a fairly rough passage down the N.E coast of Sardinia waves coming
from the Tyrrhenian sea were at least 4 metres in the exposed passage
between the islands and the Bisce passage. With little wind and the waves on
the port beam we were rolling all over the place but fortunately it was only
for about 3 miles. As we motored down the coast we were able to gawp at the
amazing villas scattered along the coast and we also saw more 'super yachts'
than we have ever seen in our lives apart from on the quay at Palma
(Mallorca) a few years ago! We went to Cala Volpe which had been recommended
as a safe anchorage and duly dropped the hook in the bay which was a
glorious azure blue! At the head of the cala was a posh hotel and outside
the narrow entrance a much larger bay where there must have been 10 or so
huge motor cruisers and 4 or 5 super yachts at anchor. It was a peaceful
place - we were only disturbed but the passing of the 'tenders' (some bigger
than us) going back and forward from the hotel's private jetty to the big
boats in the outer bay. We had a relaxing day and I swam from the boat
several times. Spent a peaceful night and up anchored to sail to Olbia.