Marmaris 2 and end of year blog

Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 13 Nov 2011 19:07
We had a busy week getting the boat ready for lifting out - and also finding out a bit more about the marmaris area with regards workshops etc. We went on the bus to the
Sanyiye where all the workshops and trade craftsmen are based and found the guy who may be able to fix the passarelle, also the unit that collects and services the Liferaft.
We visited the area around the back of Netsel marina and costed anti -fouling and found the Yanmar dealership where we were able to buy gear oil. We serviced the engine
- well changed the oil and filters. We also had some electrical work to be done so had a couple of visits from a chap called Sami who took away the broken battery charger and then returned it
fixed but when he refitted it we found it was pulling in too much power so he has taken it away to sort out while we are home.
There was a fun Halloween party on the 31st in the marina restaurant with a lovely buffet followed by a disco - we sat with some new friends - all live-aboard brits and had a great evening. On Monday the 1st we lifted out
and much to our relief the sail-drive leg was free from any problems. The Turkish anti-fouling we used last spring had done a grand job so once the boat was power hosed off the hull looked very clean. We spent a couple of days rubbing down the rough patches around the water line and Rob did the sail drive leg and the bow-thruster leg and then applied the special anti-foul paint to these areas while Jacky cleaned the prop blades.
Inside the boat all the store cupboards were emptied, cleaned and checked with a new inventory compiled; old flour and other out of date stores were thrown out and everything was doubled bagged before re-storing.
All the bedding and throws were washed and generally the boat had a thoroughly good clean.
We had a final meal in the restaurant on Friday evening - the filet steak is just to die for and so reasonable at 24 TL (about £9.00), that left us with Saturday to pack up our clothes and close the boat up for our departure at 1600.
We used for our journey to Dalaman airport - it took about 2 hours and there were just 3 of us in the smart minibus. The flight was on time and before we knew it we were back in the UK. Robbie collected us from Gatwick and we were home by 0000.
So that is the end of this year's sailing and the end of our blog for another season. Thanks to those who have read about our travels - hope to start up again in April although as we are off to New Zealand and Australia we may try and write something about that extended holiday via this medium.