Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 25 Sep 2013 06:28
39 11.8 N 20 11.2 E
Gaios Town Quay Paxos (then on North Quay)
14th – 17th September
We had to motor the whole way to Paxos as the wind was yet again ‘on the nose’; it wasn’t a particularly comfortable journey as there was a disjointed swell which caused us to yaw and pitch. We had considered going into the bay on the north tip of Paxos - Lakka, but as always the wind was fickle and turned to the NW as we reached the bay and it would not have been comfortable. (Interestingly the next morning another Hanse 411 arrived on the town quay and they told us they had spent a very uncomfortable night in Lakka.)On our arrival at the north end of the harbour we motored down the north quay and were very surprised to find it full – we counted 14 Sun Sail yachts so obviously Saturday is not a good day to try and get on that quay! We proceeded to the main quay off the busy town and were able to secure a place there. We didn’t like it very much as it was busy with traffic and noisy bars and too many people walking past peering into the boat! However we were closer to the shops and cafes. The following morning we moved to the north quay having been given the ’nod’ from a fellow CA member when the flotilla boats were leaving. Later that afternoon our friends on China Blue and Mariah arrived and the following evening we all went out for a meal at Taka Taka an excellent tavern that has wonderful spit roast meat most evenings. We all had the mixed meat spit roast which had lamb, chicken and pork – delicious!
We had to pay to be on the quay this time – 17.50E per night it had been free in May! We had some unsettled weather with more thunder and rain but it stayed warm.
On Tuesday we left for Prevesa.