Leros and lift out

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 21 Oct 2009 05:43
37 07.7N 26 50.9E
17th - 21st October
Port Lakki
We sailed from Samos having ad a couple of bumpy nights on the town quay with strong SSW winds. Our first stop was Partheni Bay where we picked up a buoy near to the boat yard - Agmar where we will be wintering - had a wonderful quiet night here apart from the military music at dawn and dusk (there is an army barracks near bye). The next day we set off for Port Lakki and arrived to be shown to our berth for the next few days - the harbour staff here are very friendly and helpful. We were next to Rassy Lady - Steve and Maggie were on board -(we met them in Lipso earlier this month).
So the winter jobs began in earnest on Monday morning! First thing was to get the dinghy washed dried and packed away. Then the main sail off which for those of you who know our boat is no mean feat because it is huge! We devised a plan which actually worked quite well - removed the batons, flaked the sail as best we could while still on the mast, used sail ties to hold it together tightly, then took off the mast cars and finally ran the leach out. We ended up with a length of sail flaked and tied on the deck which we then man handled below. It is currently sitting on the table in the saloon and when we lift out will be removed to the yard's cleaning area! Thoroughly exhausted we decided that was enough heavy jobs for the day and with the temperature soaring to the high 20s we called a halt. Later I began checking the contents of lockers to update our inventory of ship's stores.
Tuesday was car-hire day as we had a meeting at the yard with Mr. Angelos regarding winter work. First though I cleaned the forward heads while Robert washed the decks. I then sorted out and packed one bag of clothes to go home (mostly things I haven't worn all year! I then set off to find the tax office on the other side of the island where I had to pay an 0.88 Euros cent tax and get a certificate to enable us to be lifted out.Eventually having driven around the town of Ay Marina and met all the students on their scooters coming out of college I found the office got the certificate and drove back to Port Lakki.
Following this we went to the yard in Partheni Bay and had our meeting regarding work to be done on the boat. We decided to have a full 2000 hour service done and the yard will also wash, dry and fold the mainsail and then have it checked over for minor repairs by their sail maker. They will be doing some gel-coat repairs on the scratches on the port side and we have asked for a quote to polish the hull too. In addition we have to replace the faulty transducer which records speed so they will do this work too. (It's going to be an expensive winter!)
In the evening we went out for supper to the only decent taverna in Lakki - surprise surprise it was full of other yachties some of whom were off later on to Athens on the over night ferry.We had a good meal - huge portions so next time we will share a main course!