Porto Palma Caprera

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 17 Jun 2015 17:27

41 11.4 N 09 21.1 E

Porto Palma Capreira Island - Maddalenas

We motored sailed up the coast from Cannigione passing several very posh villas but few yachts. It was windier than predicted and we were able to unfurle the jib for an hour to help us on our way. We entered the bay on the south end of the island of Caprera and made our way to the north end to select a buoy. However as in previous bays there were none so we picked a suitable anchorage spot and let go the anchor. This was then aborted as Jacky noticed a strange object floating off the bottom which appeared to be attached to a concrete block. We surmised this was probably the base for one of the Maddalena Park Moorings and decided we didn't want to be tangled up on a block. We re-located a bit further out and were soon set up for a pleasant day. Jacky had a swim water temperature showing 26 C so very pleasant. The downside of this harbour (or upside if you enjoy watching sailing dinghies) was that there are two sailing schools based here and both morning and afternoon some 40 boats were out rushing around with practice manouevers and short races taking place. We rather enjoyed it all and had some fun as the youngsters tried to pass close to us without loosing their positions in the races. All was quiet again in the evening and we had some 15 boats at anchor by 1800. We didn't launch the dinghy to explore this bay as we had decided to move on again in the morning. However there were several small sandy coves and we saw several camper vans arrive for the day with their occupants enjoying the quiet coves almost to themselves. This island is relatively low lying and has scrubby ground cover with rocky outcrops.

We had no WIFI coverage here and so didn't get a weather forecast until 0600 the following day from the Navtex. It seemed a brisk NW was expected so we decided to seek another anchorage further west in the archipelago.