Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 22 Jul 2010 06:32
36 10.9N 29 53.3E
22nd - 23rd July Karoloz Bay
This secluded and sheltered anchorage lies on the south east side of the island of Kekova. Once you enter the bay the inlet has several twists and smaller bays with a long finger
that is almost land locked. We selected a spot dropped the anchor and backed in towards the rocky shore. The sides are steep too and there were plenty of places
for Rob to secure our stern chain and line. There were 3 other boats in this mini fjord the water was crystal clear and we were totally sheltered from any swell or wind.
Having had a very relaxing day we were rather disappointed to be invaded by wasps (Jacky got a sting) when we started to eat supper! The large Barvaria charter boat next to us had the right idea -
they had put an enormous mosquito net over the whole of the cockpit and sat eating their supper in relative peace.
The next morning we took the dinghy and explored the whole of this bay checking out depths in each of the smaller inlets. It certainly seems to provide a very good variety of secure places to stop
and we saw several very large vessels (Gulet look alike) spending the night here. The hills are steep, rocky and covered for the most part with maquis (a low growing bushy shrub) and a few
trees. There were no beaches as such but at the head of the bay where we were anchored the depth at the shore line went down to around 1 metre. Having spend another morning here we decided not to
tolerate the wasps for another evening and headed back into the inner harbour at Ugagiz where we anchored again for the night, only being disturbed by the nightly call to prayers from the local Mosque
and no wasps.
24th - 25th July
We moved the boat to a small bay (recommended by our friends Mark and Jeltje on Oyster Bay) at the western end of Kekova Roads where it was very quiet and the water cleaner than in the inner
harbour. in addition we had been told about the two restaurants/ bars here. We decided to have a meal at the simpler of the two where fish is served to order. It was wonderful - we were the only customers
served by the whole family from Dad to youngest daughter (probably about 9). We asked for fish and chips and ordered a bottle of our favourite Turkish white wine - Angora. we were a bit taken aback when the son and dad
started to fish off the jetty and wondered when dinner would be served! We had been shown to the 'pride of place' table on its own decking with a table set for 8 and as we were the only customers had this to our selves!
Bread and a bowl of chips duly arrived while the stone wood fire oven was lit to cook our fish. Then a large platter of mixed salad and some stuffed peppers and potatoes was served and eventually char-grilled fish (we think it was
Sea Bream). It was all delicious. We will certainly return here again.
26th - 27th July - we left the anchorage early heading for Finike and had been motor-sailing for about an hour when we heard our friends from Future Options (EMYR boat) speaking on the radio. We called them up and agreed to
meet so we turned back and went into the inner harbour at Ugagiz again where we dropped the hook and soon had Wendy and Bryan onboard for a good chat and catch up on what we had all been doing since leaving Israel.
We agreed to go out together for supper that night and tried a different place - which turned out to be excellent but I can't remember the name. It was above the small supermarket on a corner with a terrace overlooking
the harbour. We had a great meal and of course the company added to the ambience. we said our farewells that night as we new we would be leaving early the following day - heading again for Finike.