Dugi Otak

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 10 Jul 2013 11:15

43 55.5 N 15 08.4 E

Uvala Telascica  Dugi Otok

10th – 11th July

On or way north we motored into several small bays to look at potential stops for the return journey south later in August. We were passed by a number of trip boats full of sight-seeing tourists ad a stream of charter boats and Italian yachts heading south. The contrast between the Kornati and Dugi Otak was quite marked – the latter being beautifully green with heavily wooded slopes, which we much preferred! We decided to go right up the long bay of Telasca checking out the various places which had park buoys available for mooring. The wind was quite fresh from the NW once we reached the top end and we decided that the bay in the NE corner would offer us the best shelter so we dropped the anchor in 3.6 metres – there was one small motor boat anchored some 100 meters from us in even shallower water.

The water here was lovely and warm 28.5 C but not as clear as in the Kornati. By the late afternoon we had 8 other boats anchored around us including a 50’ German flagged yacht that had sailed almost the whole way into the tiny crowded bay! They anchored very near to us which we were concerned about but the owner assured us he would tie back to the shore and all would be well! (which in the event it ws!) The down side of this lovely area was the cost of our stay! We were visited by the rangers around 1700 and told the rate was 350K per night for all boats over 11.1m up to  18m which we felt was very unreasonable. It is fine for big boats with some 8 to 10 people on board but for us it was ridiculously expensive. Apparently the policy of charging per visitor was changed at the beginning of the season, so we were quite unaware of how much it would be. It was such a pity as we had planned to stay for several nights and perhaps eat out at one of the highly recommended restaurants in the various bays. As it was we left the following morning to find somewhere else on the island that was within our budget! There were several small open boats that visited the various anchorages and buoyed areas selling fresh produce and as requested by us one duly arrived at 0900 on Thursday morning with bread for us – albeit at 20K for a plain white loaf!