Position Up date

Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 3 Jun 2011 18:43
40 36.9 N 27 42.4 E
Asmalakoy Harbour 1st June
We left Esenkoy at 0600 just ahead of the fast ferry to Istanbul which had spent the night in the harbour. It was dry but misty and the
visibility was poor enough to warrant us using the Radar for the first time in a while. No wind but a favourable current led to good motoring speeds mostly over 
6 knots. We arrived off the island of Marmara with clearing skies and a breeze from the SE a bit late to assist our passage! We entered the small harbour and
were able to find a space on the quay squeezed between a laid - up fishing boat and two smaller trawlers.Several chaps came to assist us berthing including the proprietor
of the only restaurant where we later ate a late lunch. (a bit of a rip off at 50 TL for BBQ fish, salad, bread and tea!) However the berthing was free!
Not much to recommend this place but it was sheltered. We left the following morning for Topagic a similar small harbour just 4 miles along the coast!
This was a much prettier place with a slightly larger collection of buildings and even boasted a school. Obviously they get summer visitors here as there was a nice
sandy beach to the west of the harbour. Again the jetty was short, rough concrete and very little space to tie-up as there was a medium sized fishing boat at the root of the mole
which left room for us and nothing else! The bay to the west was a sheltered anchorage provided there was no south to the wind. We had another quiet night and left at 0930
for the next port of call on the island - the 'capitol' Port Maramara.