Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 23 Apr 2010 12:10
37 52.18N 27 17.9E
We arrived here on Tuesday evening and were given a super berth on the north west wall very near to a restaurant called Marinadeniz.
There is a small shower and toilet block close by and we have power and water on tap.
Having got all the electrical problems sorted we decided to stay another day to explore the town and visit the (reputably) excellent
fresh produce market held on  Friday morning. So we duly walked there this morning and is was fantastic - probably the biggest
open market I have ever seen. We bought some delicious strawberries (had some for lunch) as well as other fresh produce for our stores
 unfortunately we didn't have much room in the 'fridge so I had to restrict my purchasing. Also managed to sort out a Turkish sim card for one of the phones
so will now be able to use this for local calls and save a few pennies!  On the way back we took a short cut through some back streets and found a small local bakery
where we watched the bread being taken out of huge oven in the wall (a bit like a pizza oven) - needless to say we bought a loaf.
We checked out the price of fuel en route to the market and our advice from Steve and Chris on board Scott Free was correct -
diesel is more expensive here than in Greece even taking into account the price rise in Greece this year. We are glad we stocked up in Samos and even filled all our fuel cans.
Another advantage of this place is the good free WIFI connection - with our booster ariel we can use the internet sitting on the boat!
Tomorrow we will be heading north for the coast that runs west east from Chios to Sigacik. We hope to get some fair weather for a couple of nights at anchor
and maybe a swim?! Today is calm and hot with wall to wall blue skies and the temperature is 24 degrees C.