Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 20 Jul 2013 19:57

44 12.9 N  14 51.8 E


Saturday 20th July

We motored all the way to Molat without even hoisting a sail! The sea was like glass and it was warm! We chose to anchor in a bay Podgarbe which just north of the only town on this island. It was a good wide bay and there was plenty of swinging room. We went to the southern inlet and in fact had a quite a brisk sea breeze from the west during the afternoon which kicked up a few waves. However by dusk all was calm. The northern inlet was calmer as it was more sheltered from the west – needless to say it was fairly busy by the evening with about 12 boats where as we had only 5. Again the swimming was delightful lovely clear warm water with loads of fish that were eager to eat the stale bread we fed them. Several of the boats at anchor here took their tenders to the town of Molat which was round the southern headland about a mile away where there are a few restaurants and shops.

We left  on Sunday morning and managed a bit of a sail to our next island – Skarda.