Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 22 Jun 2012 13:35
36 36.8 N 24 56.9 E
We left Ios just after 0600 having said our good byes and thank-you's to
the various folk we had met. Hoisted the main sail with 2 reefs (we had
seen the forecast for force 5 from the NW)and set off for the island of
Folegandros which was strongly recommended by Stewart and Anne. The wind
was fresh and we had a partly furled gib set so made very good progress to
the west. However as we came into the lee of the next island en route -
Sikinos, we began to experience violent gusts from the high hills of this
island. They were in excess of 30 knots and gradually got worse - so much
so that we had to put in the third reef and dismantle the bimini as it was
taking off! The one consolation was that the seas were fairly flat and we
were at times making 7 knots! One in the to the more sheltered bay off the
port at Folegandros things eased and we were soon stern to on the town
quay. The island is small and sparsely populated except for the wealthy
tourists who come in the season. The hotel and apartment accommodation was
definitely a 'cut above' what we had recently seen in IOS. We took a bus
up to the Chora which is set on the hillside and has the most stunning
views, especially from the cliff edge dwellings.There are two small
squares - tree covered and surrounded by tavernas plus some delightful
private homes. We sat in an Italian cafe and consumed home made
lemon-cello on ice which was just delicious! Later we went to a small
ouzerie as recommended by the Rough Guide on the beach at the port where
we watched the Greek v. Germany football match and drank ouzo! The two
down sides of this place was the swell which creeps in and makes the boats
lurch forward and back so not easy to sleep with lines jerking. In
retrospect we probably would have been better off to anchor (which is what
another UK flagged boat did) just off the quay; and the ferries which come
into the quay and create substantial wash so again one has to keep well
off and keep the pasarelle high.
Off to Milos tomorrow.