Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 17 Jun 2009 19:03

40 55.2N 08 40.2E

15th June

We motor-sailed to this lovely old town and arrived around 1300.The first stop was at the fuel berth which was conveniently situated to starboard after the inner mole. Fuel however is expensive here in Sardinia €1.16 per litre compared to Spain at €1.01.

We then asked the assistant to contact the omaggiore to give us a berth for the night. The visitors pontoon had several vacant slots so once he had arrived and whistled us over we duly did the reversing bit successfully and got our lazy line attached and then the stern lines made fast. We had to use the Passarell as the jetty was quite high. Water and electric boxes were all to hand and the toilets and showers were a short walk from the pontoon. The large supermarket we had been told about was open and air-conditioned so we made a bee line for it as it was so hot! Did a large shop to stock up on beer and wine (bought some of the local Sardinian white wine which is well recommended – Vermentino) and then pushed the trolley back down the pontoon to the boat!

The old town towers above the marina with the castle, cathedral and walls lit up at night- it dates from the 11th century.  We resolved to walk up the following morning when it was cooler as the temperatures were soaring to over 30 degrees. We both took cold showers on the jetty from the hose. Later we had a German couple on board for drinks and to share information about good places to stop – they had chartered their boat from near Olbia so were able to give us some tips about that area.

We were up early to get into town before it was too warm As we came off the pontoon the local bus came along so we hopped on and managed to get all the way to the square below the castle – it certainly saved a flog uphill! The old town is really wonderful surrounded by a wall and tiny alleyways and lanes with numerous steps up and down. The castle dates from the 12th century and the oldest church has parts from then too. The cathedral with its watch tower (originally built as a light house) is from the 17th century. On the walk down we found some good produce shops – in particular fruit and veg. so we stocked up ready for our days of anchoring around the Maddelena islands.