Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 29 Aug 2013 12:28
43 03.5 N 16 11.8 E
Vis 27 – 29th August
We actually had a good fast sail for two hours on our passage from Hvar to Vis with the wind on the starboard beam we just unfurled the genoa and romped along. The seas were flat and the sun was shining again so all in all a very pleasant trip. We arrived off Vis town and had a look at the two anchoring options both seemed very busy and so we decided to opt for a mooring buoy off the small town of Kut which lies at the other end of the main bay. There were a large number of buoys – mostly empty when we arrived but completely full by 1800, as was the town quay and in addition several boats were forced to anchor out from the buoys in quite deep water. We took the dinghy ashore to have a look round this small old town with narrow alleys and a few shops and bars, and decided to have a meal at one of the restaurants overlooking the quay the following night, where a local speciality of seafood with beans and pasta was on offer. The mooring was not as comfortable as some we have used as there was too much passing traffic and in particular small ribs charging around – including the port authority one! Jacky watched an interesting incident late in the afternoon when a small motor boat came charging in towards the quay where there was very little room left; in the meantime the port rib was leading another bigger motor boat towards this space. The first boat was travelling at about 15 knots and caused a very big wake which then hit the boats on the quay quite dramatically – there was much shouting and gesticulating, fenders popped, spreaders clashed and general mayhem ruled! The port rib stopped the smaller boat from mooring and then obviously called the local maritime police who turned up there large patrol boat! The motor boat was duly taken alongside and no doubt admonished. We later found out they were fined!
The next morning Jacky had her usual swim and discovered that one of the mooring lines which we had looped through the eyelet under the buoy was almost severed! It seemed that the plastic protection that was meant to cover the metal of the eyelet had slipped and so our line was almost sawn through. We showed the Port officer this when he came to collect our fee for the night 200k and he was most surprised saying he had never seen this before and would report it to the main office. However no offer of compensation or a reduction on the fee was made!
We had a reasonable meal on the following evening although the speciality was not nearly as nice as Jacky had hoped. The service and ambiance at the restaurant was very good but we didn’t like the house wine very much either! The next morning we left fairly early for our next stop on the island of Korcula.