The Balearics

Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 19 May 2009 17:15

38 46.7N 01 25.7E

Puerto del Espalmador

We left Cartegena for the second time on Sunday morning having worked on the electrical charging problem for most of the previous day and with help from Tony Belchamber (China Blue) and Graham Whittington(Our marine engineer at home in Sussex) we were able to keep the power to the main batteries up by using an additional lead to feed power from the engine battery. The offending part has been ordered from Sterling Products and will be dispatched today to my sister who will then bring it to Mallorca next week!

Our passage of 140 miles went smoothly in that there were no most mechanical incidents, the sun shone the sea was relatively smooth and we motored-sailed all the way  - 23 hours. We saw several ships during the day but after dark only a fishing boat in the distance and a couple of yachts heading the same way as us. The stars were very clear with no light pollution and the moon rose very late to rise making the Milky way and shooting stars easy to spot!

However it was not all straight forward as we now have a problem with our headsail furling system. I was unable to get the full genoa out during the evening and once Rob was back on watch neither was he. It seems that the top part of the furler is not rotating so we are going to have to unwind the whole sail manually and lower it to see what is wrong! Obviously we will need a windless day so hope to get that job done tomorrow morning.

We arrived in this tranquil bay around 0800 this morning it is glorious, surrounded by low lying islands and sand dunes . There was one suitably sized mooring buoy free so we duly picked it up had some coffee and went to bed! When we awoke around mid-day the bay had started to fill with day trip boats – a mixture of power and sail but as I write this most are leaving so it would appear we will be back to the half dozen that were here when we arrived. I have had two swims off the back of the boat – the water is around 19 degrees so tolerable- but too cold for Rob! We saw a swordfish jumping out of the water as we motored in this morning and the fin of what looked like a pilot whale too. The German boat on the next buoy seem to be  naturists and we have been treated to the dangly bits all day I’m surprised they don’t get sunburnt!! Rob thinks they are only trying to shock the very posh new Oyster 46 which is flying a white ensign!! (On the next buoy further on.)

We have been in touch with Richard and Alison from Sealion (participants in the rally Portugal last year), they are cruising here and we hope to see them later in the week. We plan to cross to Mallorca at the weekend and possibly spend a couple of nights in the Cabrera islands if we have time before heading for Porto Colom to meet up with Norma and Keith (Jacky’s sister and husband) who have a villa nearbye in Cala d’Or.

We need to get an electrical engineer to fit the new part so hope to get some contact details from Rob on Serafina (another Rally Portugal participant).

We are pleased to have achieved our target mileage – 500 per month; as today marked 580 miles from leaving Lagos on the 7th of May – not bad going for 10 days.

We can now relax for a couple of weeks before the big sail to Sardinia in June.

Pictures to follow.


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