Position up date

Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 7 Jun 2011 10:17
40 35.1 N 27 33.5 E
Port Marmara Friday 3rd JUNE
We motored down the coast to the next harbour and were soon anchored and tied back to the quay having been assisted the the harbour
attendant a friendly older chap who spoke little or no English!  There is a dedicated area - (wall painted white) for yachts to tie up which is on the north quay there is no
room on the outer mole as it was full of fishing boats some two abreast.We were alongside Maeves the French EMYR yacht we have already seen twice - Bozcaada and Istanbul.
This town was pleasant with plenty of small shops and cafes etc. We had a walk and explored the place and then returned to the boat for lunch.
With an invitation for drinks on Maeves at 1900 we both had a snooze then showered, changed and headed next door. Had a good chat and shared some pilotage information
before we left to eat rather later than usual around 2030.
We decided to leave the following morning after taking water, washing down and buying some fish from a local chap on the harbour - the fish were small sole and were still flapping so really fresh!
We headed for Avsa Adasi a small island to the south and west of the port of Marmara. We had been told that there was an unfinished marina here where we could tie up for free amidst very quiet scenic