Ahilio and Orei

Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 16 Aug 2011 18:52
38 56.9 N 23 05.1 E
We took the dinghy ashore to the Sunsail pontoon on Friday morning and found a small mini market and a taverna. details about the bus to the local town of Milina
were scarce with doubts about whether we could get a bus back even if we caught one to the centre so we decided to postpone our visit until the following day. We
duly left our mooring buoy and motored to the town where we anchored off the beach in 7 metres - Jacky rowed ashore in the dinghy, found a butchers a small supermarket and a lovely bakery
so purchased our necessary supplies and then we motored a further 1.5 miles up the coast to a lovely bay where we anchored for the night ( as recommended in Scott Free's blog from 2009!). From there we motor sailed the following day to the bay where the Ecker yacht charter company is based - Ahilio. There is a concrete quay with free water and electricity here and we were made most welcome by Andreas who used to have his own yacht servicing business in Marmaris
for 20 years but now works for Ecker. The afternoon sea breeze was a bit disconcerting as it blew straight onto the quay however all was quiet by 1900 and we had a peaceful night with the lazy lines and mooring ropes
with anti snatch attachments  all provided by Ecker! The following morning we sailed for Orei and arrived around 1200 to find plenty of space to drop our anchor and reverse into a slot on the quay. The beach is just over the breakwater
and there are fresh water showers so after a refreshing swim you can shower off for free. (quite important as you have to pay for the water here.) The Port Police provide an electronic key to turn on the water and electricity (their office
is at the end of the quay) and you can buy 5, 10 or 15 Euros worth. We went for the 5 but as it was so hot we set up the AC and found it used up quite a considerable amount of power so had to purchase a further 10 Euros before the day was out. We decided to turn off the AC around 2300 as the temperatures were less and so we conserved our power for the hottest part of the days. On Tuesday we hitched a lift from a Greek/ Canadian guy on the boat next door to Lidl
did a huge shop and called a taxi for the return journey. Stocked up on beer, wine and water (i.e. all the heavy stuff) so hopefully we will not need another big shop this season. This town has the basic butcher, baker, mini-market and plenty of Tavernas so we have decided to stay another night before heading towards the Evia channel.