Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 17 Jul 2013 13:59

44 07.17 N 14 56.1 E

Dumboka   15th -17th July

This was a delightful spot – a cluster of holiday apartments and a few houses with apartments incorporated on the middle floors so residents could rent them out. We met some lovely local people who kindly offered us bread and gave us information about the place. Maria lives there all the year round in a large house which has 2 apartments for rent in the summer. Her husband is a surgeon in Zadar and comes home at weekends.  She had 2 of her grandchildren staying for the summer and we invited them on the boat one evening for drinks. In addition we met Vince who although born in Croatia now lives in Adelaide Australia! He too has a house with apartments above for rent. One of his flats had a couple from Austria with 2 teenage daughters and they too came for drinks with us! Then we were invited for breakfast the following day – so it was all very friendly and relaxed. We were astonished to find that there was no running water supply to this hamlet – they have to collect rain water and buy drinking water. But they do have electricity.

We were sorry to leave but after 8 days without fresh food or water we needed to get back to civilisation and replenish supplies. We decided to go to the island of Ugljan and visit the marina at Preko which had been recommended by our friends Stuart and Marjorie from the CA. We called the marina and were assured there would be a space for us on arrival.