aeolian islands

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 15 Jul 2009 09:11
38 37.5N  14 04.0E
Isola Panarea
We had a good passage from Salermo stopped off Stromboli and picked up a buoy sawm and had breakfast but were then approached by a lad in a canoe asking for
E35 if we wanted to stay the night. We decided to push off! next stop was Isola Panarea where we found a very good cala and anchored here along with several other boats.
A safe and sheltered cove bar from easterly winds. It did get busy during the afternoon and on the weekend. We stayed for 3 nights just relaxing - both swimming and then the
 odd trip ashore in the dinghy to the beach or to the small village where we were able to buy basic supplies. We did some chores -and also tried to sort out the bow thruster which has packed up!
Spoke to the tech. guy at Lewmar and it would appear it is the shear pin which requires replacing. This means the motor has to be removed! Will probably wait until we get to a suitable marina for this.
Planning to go to Isola Vulcano next.
38 25.0 N 14 57.7E
Isola Vulcano
Arrived mid morning and smelt the place beforehand - there is a sulpherous plume that comes from the volcano and the numerous hot springs on the island!
However we dropped the hook in the bay to the north east of the main village and spent two nights here. apart from the ferries (numerous in the day) it was a good spot to be in
we went into town found an internet cafe in a supermarket and got updated with our emails. etc. There was plenty of good fresh fruit and vegetables so stocked up.
Some nice bars and restaurants but all quite expensive so we decided to continue to eat from the freezer as we plan to empty this now and use it for keeping drinks chilled.
It takes at least 4 hours of full power either the generator or the engine to keep it in frozen state each day so quite a drain on the batteries. There were small jelly fish around so we restricted our swimming
 a bit and kept a careful watch on the water before going in. The temperature here was 27.6 the highest yet!
Our friends from Lagos June and Steve Allan arrived on Monday and it was great to meet up with them after 6 weeks (last saw them in cala Fornells Menorca) We went out for a meal which was good value.
Steve helped Rob with the bow thruster and all is in working order again now. But we have to get a new shear pin as a spare. The island here is much drier than Panarea and the smell of rotten eggs a
bit off putting none the less we enjoyed the visit. leaving early tomorrow for Taormina on the SE of Sicily..