Cala Longa

Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 30 May 2009 07:30

39 22.0N 03 13.7E

We had a rather rude awakening in Andratx around 0700 yesterday –the boat was dragging her anchor and we were almost T-boned on a German boat that had arrived late in the evening and anchored rather closer than we would have liked.

Having made use of the engine and the bow thrusters we extricated ourselves and decided we may as well set off for the S.E. coast – our next destination. It was another misty day and what wind there was to start with was  (guess?) on the nose. The engine was used again as we followed the cliffs round heading towards the bay of Palma. We saw very little due to the mist and although the sun did try to burn this off later in the morning we were still using the radar at mid- day. The coast line gradually receded and all but disappeared apart from the occasional headland and these were considerably lower than the heights of the west coast. A decision was made around 1400 to press on to Cala Longa as the original destination (Puerto Sant Jordi)  was not as sheltered as we had hoped The wind did freshen from the south and we were able to make use of the sails for the last couple of hours.

We nosed our way into Cala Longa and found the entrance to the marina at Cala D’Or; there was a large catamaran anchored in the spot marked on the chart so we duly lined up further into the Cala and dropped the hook. We were very close to a tiny beach called Cala des Pous and before long I was in the water for a swim and snorkel to check the anchor etc. Unfortunately the visibility was not as good as in Ibiza so I was unable to find the anchor! We spent a very nice late afternoon here and Rob took the dinghy to visit the back of my sister’s house just off Cala Grand to see if there was a suitable buoy for us to tie up to. Meanwhile the swimmers on the nearby beach took delight in swimming out towards our boat to investigate the new arrivals!

During the late afternoon a rather large trip boat arrived and to our consternation headed for the rocky promontory on the starboard side of Cala Nous. When it started to reverse out we felt the helmsman was deliberately cutting it fine to make us move!

However by this time we had set a stern anchor to hold the boat into the swell so decided to stay put. We had a very quiet night but the boat was rolling and with the rocks near-bye we were both up and down like ‘jack-rabbits’ checking our position so not a particularly peaceful sleep!

The following morning Rob went to explore the Marina to find a chandlery and dump rubbish while I contacted my sister. We arranged to meet at the marina and I went off to do a big shop and to take laundry to her house and the local service wash. Later Rob brought the dinghy to Cala Grand and we went for a lovely late lunch in a cafe at the top of the beach with my sister Norma and her husband Keith. We then went back to the villa for the washing and to try and get internet access (unsuccessfully.)

Around 1700 we departed back to the boat and headed for Porto Colom our next destination. On arrival there were no buoys left so we anchored for the night.

The picture shows the boat at anchor off Cala del Nous


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