Rob and Jacky Black
Mon 2 Jun 2008 12:18

48.08’N 06.36’W

Sailing in fresh NW wind (12knts approx.) after having to motor for the first 18 hours of our journey. We logged 162 miles from the start to today’s 1200UTC position – not bad for us! We encountered some basking sharks in the bay as we left Plymouth – Rob commented that in 35 years at sea he had never seen them before so we felt it was a good omen! We have spoken to several of the rally boats today and we are all well spread out now. We can see a couple out to our starboard quarter but we don’t know which they are! The auto-helm had a wobbly in the night and the boat turned round  heading back to Falmouth fortunately it was soon put to rights (so no take-away curry for us Andrew). We have a reef in the Main and some turns in on the large Genoa to make our angle of heel more comfortable. Hope to get some pictures onto the web sometime on route.

Jacky and Bob Black