Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 2 Jul 2013 10:22

43 49.0 N 15 53.2 E

Beretusa bay in Prukljansko Jezero

Saturday 29th June – Tuesday 2nd July

We had a fairly good passage from Vinisce bay passing the various small islands before reaching the entrance to Sibenik and the Kryka River area. Wtht the wind from the West to start with we made good time and carried both sails. However eventually we had to put away the jib and motor sail as the wind went round to the north and then NE. We decided not to stop[ at Sibenik as the town quay was busy and there was a dinghy regatta taking place very near to where we would want to manoeuvre! WE pushed on through the narrow gorge up to the large stretch of lake like water  known as the Prukljansko Jezero. Here we found an idyllic anchorage – quite a deep bay with two arms at the head. We explored and chose to drop the hook slightly to towards the north western one. The surroundings were lush with reeds and holm oak, several pairs of swans visited us and other than a small quay at the head of this arm with a few tiny fishing boats we were on our own! It was delightful albeit we had a torrential downpour as we arrived. We stayed here for 3 nights just chilling, with Jacky swimming several times a day and generally relaxing. We then decided to move up to Skradin where we wanted to take a boat trip to the famous water falls on the Krka River part of the National Park of Krka. We had read about a good restaurant pontoon near to Skradin and this is where we ended up mooring. It was a lovely small place with a pontoon, water and electricity and a good menu too. In addition for a small fee the owner took us to Skradin in his very fast ‘Rib’ so we could take the ferry to the falls. WE were able to swim off the boat or the beach or the jetty and had a good Lamb Peka for our meal on the first night. We didn’t think it was nearly as good as the octopus one we had on Hvar. However the following night we had the steak and that was super. Our trip to the falls was most interesting. The Krka River passes through high gorge type hills with reed beds forming on the mineral deposits that create flat rock formations. There were numerous pairs of swans several with 6 or 8 cygnets in tow! There is an ancient Hydroelectric plant the first to be built in Europe in the 1860s, which is being renovated, as well as the wonderful series of falls. Jacky had a swim at the foot of the lowest big fall – the water was surprisingly warm considering it was river water. It is a very popular tourist attraction and so was swarming with people! We were pleased to get back to Skradin and call for our taxi boat to return to Arwen. Having stocked up with some fresh food we were ready to head north again the following morning.