Preko Marina revisited

Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 15 Aug 2013 08:17

44 04.8N 15 11.3E

Preko Marina 13th – 16th August

We left Dumboka early and motored across to the island of Ugljan through the narrow passage at the north end passing Mulline (an anchorage we had previously used) and then down the east side of the island to Preko. We called the marina to let them know we were in the vicinity and were told they had no spaces available. We decided to anchor off the north side of the small island that protects the town near to China Blue who had been there for a couple of nights already. We launched the dinghy and went ashore to get some shopping and also to visit the marina office to collect our package that they had been keeping for us for a couple of weeks – medicines for Rob posted out from the UK. We also wanted to collect our re-filled gas bottle. There was a problem with the latter as they couldn’t find our bottle so someone else must have it. We were asked to standby on the phone and VHF and they would get back to us regarding a space in the marina and the gas bottle! At 1500 we got the call to say proceed into the marina which we duly did and soon we were all fast to the eastern quay with 2 mooring lines it was good to be back in this very friendly place. Some 10 minutes later one of the staff brought us a new gas bottle with profuse apologies regarding our missing one!

We had ordered a replacement bow-thrust touch control panel from the UK and were hoping for it to be delivered before the National Holiday on the 15th of August. Fortunately the Post Office were most helpful and when Jacky went to see them on Wednesday morning they were able to track it to Zadar – a phone call was made and it was sent across on the next car ferry which Jacky walked to ( 10 minutes from the marina) and was able to sign for it on arrival!

We were very pleased to be able to attend a Klapa singing performance that night being staged in the square near to the marina. We booked a table at the restaurant Jardin and had a ring-side view of all the spectators coming and going along the quay and of course the wonderful music too. It was certainly a fun evening and there were at least 500 people milling around – all the bars and restaurants were full and there were several stalls selling popcorn, burgers, pancakes, candyfloss etc. We enjoyed a good meal and around 10.30 decided to stroll back to the boat. However several of the marina staff were sitting outside the office including Alan the manager and Anita the very friendly office manager. Jacky went back to the boat and brought along some shot glasses and the Schnapps from Dumboka! The Klapa group came on for their second set and so we had another party outside the office! Eventually all was finished around midnight.

The following day we washed the boat and did some cleaning in the main saloon, bought last minute supplies and prepared for an early departure on Friday. One extra treat for Jacky while we were in Preko was that she was able to watch some of the World Athletic Championships on the TV in a local sports bar!

Friday morning saw us up at 0730 and we left the marina by 0900 having said our fond farewells and left a box of biscuits a bottle of wine and a thank-you card with Anita in reception!