Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 11 May 2012 11:13
36 27.0 N 28 13.8 E
10 - 11th May
We left Tilos early with little wind; motor sailed with a gradually
increasing breeze filling in from the NW. One of the main-sail battens
came loose so we had to take this down and just sailed with a 3/4 jib for
the rest of the journey until we could sort it out.
On arrival in Rhodes town we were greeted by George the Harbour master
(wearing a distinctive orange T shirt) who called to us from the port
entrance informing us we could only stay one night and indicating where we
were to tie up. (so nice to feel welcome!)
It was a tricky maneuver as the wind was across the berth and blowing a
good force 5. However we eventually got in and tied up safely. The town
was most interesting and after some negotiations with George we got to
stay for a second night so we could actually explore the place! The charge
for each night was only 5.6 Euros but the sting in the tail was the 10
euros per night for power and water! We did a major shop and had the goods
delivered by the mini-market at the root of the quay. We spent the second
morning walking through the Crusader ramparts (the Street of the Knights
was particularly impressive); and visiting the Grand Master's Palace while
the laundry was being done (6 euros for 6 kilos)! We also visited a lovely
taverna for lunch "Kostas" as recommended by David and Lisa from Gyatso.
The following morning we left bright and early for a short sail down the
coast to Lindos where we spent a further night at anchor. This was a
lovely bay and we enjoyed the quaint town despite the climb up hill to get
to it.
On Sunday afternoon we motored down to another bay at the bottom of Rhodes
just to the north of the point of Ak Vigli. Here we spent a rather windy
few hours and left at 0400 for Karpathos.