Cala Corsara Spargi Island

Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 18 Jun 2015 17:38

41 13.8 N 09 20.6 E

We made initially for a bay on the southern end of the island of Stefano but on entering it decided we didn't like it much - there was little room for swinging and the edges of the bay had numerous scattered above and below water rocks. We continued west and reached the cala mentioned in the Pilot book Corsara. It was very spectacular though smaller than we had thought. It had several boats already at anchor and also 4 trip boats tied up to rocks. The scenery was stunning and the water was turquoise blue. Once anchored Jacky had a swim and then we ate some lunch before spending a relaxing afternoon - occasionally being disturbed by arriving yachts or motor boats looking for a place to anchor.

However the wind did get up gusting anywhere from North to North West and later it also backed so that at times it was from the SW which meant we had lost the protection of the rocks. Several of the boats left and all the trip boats were gone by 1800 the sandy bays was deserted and as the sun set it was just beautiful.

We didn't get a very good nights rest here as the wind continued to veer and we had issues with another boat anchored and tied back to the rocks so when we swung round it did not! As a result we took an anchor watch each and were glad when the dawn broke and we set off north for Corsica.