Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 14 Jul 2011 09:30
39: 52.3 N 25:03.5 E
Limnos Monday 4th July
After a night in Aliki bay at anchor - on the southern end of Thassos we set off bright and early for our sail to Limnos. (Aliki bay was delightful crystal clear water well sheltered with a couple of tavernas on the foreshore
we went for a drink in one but ate on board that night.) We had no wind and then wind on the nose plus an adverse current for part of the way so progress was slow. However once we had cleared the north western headland on the approach to
the west coast we picked up a favourable wind shift and current so the last part of our journey was speedier. En route we were able to see the towering heights of Samothraki to the east and the Top of Mount Athos to the west quite spectacular - no wonder the ancient Greeks had these places as sacred sites.
We dropped anchor off the town quay in Mirina at 1600 ( the quay was busy tho' later we saw 2 large charter boats push their way in to spaces we thought were too small for us!) the water was clean and we were able to see the anchor bed in at 8 metres! We all swam as it was still very warm. Later we launched the dinghy and went ashore to explore. We found there was only one main electric box which was a long way from most of the boats and only one water point (both were near to the small inner fishing boat harbour) to the eastern end of the quay. The harbour chart in Heikell's Pilot book is inaccurate there is now a new long breakwater that extends from the northern shore out to the west which offers good protection in the bay. There is a new Ferry quay on the south west corner and small coasters and larger military/ customs vessels also use this. The town was lovely - with some nice classical town houses on the north west bay. Plenty of shops and tavernas too and the old castle up on the hill to the west of the town was lit tastefully at night.
The following morning we headed south to Thanos Bay where we anchored and swam and generally relaxed. We were for a time the only boat there one other arrived late in the day, and it was gorgeous! We took the dinghy ashore - walked along the sandy beach and checked out the 3 tavernas before choosing one for a cooling pitcher of wine (the local white is delicious and renown all over northern Greece). next day we headed for Moudros bay some 12 miles south. This bay was the anchorage used by the Allied Fleet during the Gallipoli campaign and is a very large natural harbour offering many anchorages around it's shores. We headed for the town as we had been told it boasted a new quay with power and water. On arrival there seemed to be a new ferry berth and wall for coasters but the original harbour looked too shallow for us to enter. We tied to the ship's quay and Robert and Bert went to explore. They came back with enough information to enable us to creep into the harbour and we tied up onto the end of a new mole which duly had both water and electricity! It was a sleepy town with a Cathedral! few shops and fewer people. However we had a very pleasant stay and a delicious meal in one of the beach front tavernas that night. Next day having fully charged the boat batteries and filled the water tanks and spare containers we set off north again for another night at anchor off Mirina before leaving for the mainland.
We liked Limnos but felt it was not nearly as nice as Samothraki or Thassos - a bit barren although we understand the south eastern side has much agriculture and the wine was delicious!