Russian Bay Poros

Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 28 Apr 2013 14:42

37 31.1 N 23 26.1 E

RUSSIAN BAY Friday 26th – Sunday 28th April 2013

We left the town quay of Poros at 0900 and motored to the above bay which is to the NW of the island. We hadn’t been there before but the pilot book mentioned it to be a good secure place and it certainly proved to be that. At the head of the bay is a large ruined rather stately looking building which was apparently the Russian Naval headquarters in the early 19th century-(Hence the reason for the bay’s name. It was a lovely secluded spot and we were the only boat there apart from a couple of small fishing boats that came and went. The cove is surrounded by rocky edges with tree covered slopes and a sandy/shingled beach at its head. Once anchored we did a few chores – some stainless polishing and general cleaning in the cabins before Jacky went for a swim! Later some people arrived on the beach with a car and trailer and proceeded to collect piles of wood from what appeared to be a wrecked wooden jetty lying on the beach! We had a wonderfully quiet night following our BBQ – we used the Cobb for the first time and cooked a boned and rolled shoulder of lamb! Apart from no wifi coverage this spot was delightful. On Saturday we expected to have loads of boats arrive to anchor for the day but in fact this was not the case. One rather large ‘gin palace’ came for a few hours and a small sports boat for less.  We had a similar day with jobs in the morning – more polishing and a sort out of the storage boxes in the starboard locker; then a swim for Jacky a siesta and supper – a curry made from the rest of the lamb.  Sunday dawned as beautiful as Saturday we were the only boat for about 2 hours and then several arrived but generally they anchored sensibly and with plenty of swinging room. We finished the stainless polishing and Jacky had another swim followed by a light lunch and then some repairs to the mosquito nets whilst Rob had his siesta. This was rudely disturbed by a charter catamaran (One Life) which had huge speakers on the coach roof and was blaring very loud music disturbing the lovely peaceful afternoon! They fortunately chose to anchor across the bay from us but two boats near them left within half an hour! We too heaved up the anchor and motored across the bay to the small anchorage off Galatas (on the main land) where we had been offered a mooring buoy for the night by a chap called Peter whom we had met in Poros a couple of days before. We are now on this buoy and have wifi again. Hope to get onto the town quay tomorrow ready for our friends arrival on Tuesday.