Position update

Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 28 Jun 2011 08:47
40 51.4 N 24 41.9 E
Keramotis Friday 24th - Sunday 26th June
This is the main ferry port for the island of Thasos which lies just a couple of miles to the south. The bay here has mussel beds along the northern shore and a concrete quay along the southern
area. It is protected by a natural sandy spit from winds and swell created by the predominantly NE winds. The town is small but has sufficient shops for basic supplies. There are a number of
tavernas wifi cafes etc. The place attracts day trippers seeking the ferry to Thasos and the inevitable fishing enthusiasts who line the quay wherever there is a space to cast their rods. The harbour wall is high and has
iron rings for securing to. The places indicated in the pilot book are inaccurate we went alongside the outer mole that encloses the small shallow fishing boat harbour at the western end of the harbour. All other areas were either
occupied by large fishing boats or the depth was too shallow for us. We found the consistent wash created by the ferries to be annoying and even worse was the wash from the larger fishing boats that 'charged' into the harbour in the early morning! We only stayed the 2 nights and wish now we hadn't bothered as once we got to Port Thasos on Sunday we realized why Keramotis is not on the visiting list of most yachties!
On our way across to Thasos we anchored in the bay to the south west of the harbour and had a lovely swim Rob's first of the year. the water was clean and warm!