Porto Koufo

Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 16 Jul 2011 18:57
39: 58.2 N 23:51 E
Porto Koufo  14 - 15th July
Having read about this place and seen the pictures in the Pilot book we were a bit disappointed on arriving to find a much busier harbour than expected!
The entrance was lovely and if one chose to anchor to the eastern side of the fjord like bay it was quiet enough. However we needed to be in the village area to search out
phone -renewal details and find a laundry - reputed to be in the campsite. We were lucky regarding the phone as the supermarket had a facility to enable me to put on more credit (but not for the USB Dongle)
they also had camping gas so we were able to get the empty one exchanged. Rob walked a short distance along the main road out of the village and refilled a petrol container - much needed for the generator and outboard engines.Unfortunately there was no sign of a camp site and certainly no laundry to be had unless I had it taken to the nearest big town.
In the first evening a flotilla of Neilson yachts arrived full of Brits - we later had a chance to chat to the leader a most helpful young lady called Holly. She was able to give me details of a laundry in Nea Marmaras
as well as other useful information about the cruising grounds she was familiar with. It transpires that the amazing chandlers we thought was in Nea Marmaras is in fact in Nikitas the next port further north and the Wind phone and USB
shop is also there. Koufo is a small holiday village with mainly rooms to rent a couple of small hotels and taverna/pensions. It fairly bustles at night when all the tavernas seemed full and by the time we turned in we had about 10 boats anchored around us. In addition there were two moles where boats were rafted alongside. The flotilla had rafted together in a rather novel way the lead boat dropped a stern anchor motored gently to the steeply shelving sandy spit, until the bow was on the sand, some-one jumped ashore and took their anchor to a large rock and wound the chain around this. other boats then came either side and did the same thing.There were a number of local fishing boats with very noisy engines that left late at night and returned early in the morning disturbing everyone's sleep. On the second day most of the yachts left including the flotilla and we were left with just 3 boats at anchor and a few on the moles. We were surprised to be hailed by a rather large blue hulled yacht in the early evening - Rod Heikell on board his boat Skylax whom we had last met in Didium at the beginning of the EMYR Rally last year. He duly anchored close by and  we had a chat about various places. He was the first of some 8 more boats to arrive during the evening so it was quite busy again in the anchorage near the village. One charter boat provided some amusement as they came alongside the head of one of the concrete moles - downwind with the mainsail still hoisted - after much shouting and reversing of engines they managed to stop - goodness knows what damage was done to the topsides! They then spent ages trying to work out how to drop the main! Eventually this was achieved using boat hooks and brute force!
We decided to leave bright and early on Saturday morning and headed for Nea Marmaras.