Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 16 Jun 2011 10:45
We are enjoying being here and finally were able to move across the harbour to the fisherman's quay alongside Piper. It is a bit noisier
here but close to everything and we can get power most of the time. Only in the evenings are we disconnected as there is a mobile snack
bar that plugs into the socket we are using! (So far no charge for anything here!) The local bus goes about 3/4s of the way around the island
- Steve and I went by Taxi to the ancient ruins site at Paleopoli about 7 kilometers to the north of the town Kamariotissa where we are berthed. We caught
a bus back having spent 2 hours wandering around this well preserved site. The small museum and the signs dotted around the various remaining stones give you
an excellent feel to what it must have been like.
We took the 2000 bus to the goat restaurants in Profiti Ilia and a taxi back - the views were stunning but the pork chop that June had was better than our spit-
roasted goat! We did enjoy a delicious white wine from Limnos now trying to source it in the supermarket here!
Today Thursday June and Steve have gone on the ferry to Alexandropolus we decided to take the boat later this week but are waiting to hear from them what the harbour is like!
Meanwhile we had a 'jobs' morning - cleaning below, finishing off some stainless polishing and Jacky took a large bag of washing to the Laundry (9 E to be washed dried and ironed!).
The place looks as if it is only a Dry Cleaners but they will do a 'service wash' too and the lady speaks reasonable English as well.
Otherwise this place has few British tourists and therefore not many people speak English tho' German seems to be spoken by quite a few of the bar staff and shop keepers. Apparently
there are a number of immigrants from places like Romania and Bulgaria plus visitors from other Balkan States and Russia hence the use of German as a common language.
The supermarket is a reasonable size and there are a couple of butchers and a good proper bakery for fresh bread. There are a number of taverna's dotting the harbour and we have seen several
nice looking small hotels on the outskirts along the coastal road. The best beaches are to the south east really only got at by boat.
All in all a good place to spend a few lazy days!