Rob and Jacky Black
Mon 22 Jul 2013 19:58

44 16.7 N 14 42.8 E


Sunday 21st – Tuesday 23rd July

We managed a reasonable sail for part of this journey – a good westerly breeze got up and gave us a close reach for about 2 hours; again the sun shone and the seas were flat – wonderful! It was interesting to observe the various bays with anchorages or visitor’s buoys as we passed by – most of which looked very popular. The small island of Skarda lies to the north west of Ist and Molat it has one long deep bay that reaches about 500 metres inland to the NW on the south coast. At the head of the bay is a ‘fortified’ house with an old rusting canon poking out of one of the windows! The bay has 30 visitor’s buoys one of which we picked up. They were well maintained and had an additional line to pull up which was fixed to the rocks on the shore. The buoy even had a diagram showing how to use it properly! Again the water was lovely and clean loads of fish and with the sea temperature heading towards 28C all in all it was just delightful!

The buoys here cost 180K (£20) per night. On our arrival there were 4 boats by nightfall there were 20! The house is now owned by a family who have the concession for the buoys and run a very small simple restaurant – you can only eat there if you order food in advance ( by 1500) as they have to go to Ist,  the island to the south to get supplies! We stayed for 2 nights and hope to return again on our way south.