Kornati revisted

Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 17 Aug 2013 07:44

43 51.7 N 15 15.0 E

Otak Kornati – Statival Bay

As we still had a day pass for the Kornati National Park We decided to make use of it before heading any further south. We chose the bay on the north eastern side of the main island as it was pretty much the closest to our anchorage on Pasman. We had a short motor to the destination across a glassy flat calm sea with the reflections of the light sandy coloured bare hillsides of these islands showing up beautifully as we passed by. The anchorage was a real gem – probably one of the nicest places we have been since arriving in Croatia! There was only one boat there when we arrived but we had about 6 by the end of the afternoon. The water was crystal clear and there were loads of fish. We anchored in 5 metres on a clear sandy bottom. The starts that night were fantastic as there was no light pollution at all! At the head of the bay there were a few small houses but we didn’t go ashore to investigate. We think there may have been a type of café/bar as we did see other people go in their tenders and possibly eat or drink for a while. A fishing boat came by selling his catch and later in the day the park Officers arrived to collect their ticket – they were very pleasant and gave us some new ideas for a recipe for the wasp trap (they suggested adding beer, cheese particles and vinegar as well as a sweet flavour like honey or jam) which we had attached to the wind generator mast. The wasps have been particularly bad in some places of late and we have had to deploy the cockpit mosquito net to keep them out. We left the following morning for Murter where we hoped to meet up with our friends on China Blue again.