Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 18 Jul 2010 18:57
36 10.4 N 29 38.9 E
18th July
We motored here and changed the courtesy flag to Greek before anchoring off the quay in this tiny island which belongs to Greece
but is only a few miles from the Turkish mainland and the town of Kas. The plan was to get some Pork and bacon as well as some Greek beer!
It was a very picturesque spot and we enjoyed swimming off the boat in the company of a rather large ponderous Turtle which had seaweed growing on it's shell!
Unfortunately we were asked to move the boat around 2100 (having been anchored for some 8 hours) by the customs launch - they said we needed to be further in towards the quay away from the area where the ferry berths.
So we duly up anchored and relocated. Much later - 0230 we dragged the anchor and had to re-anchor - we went back to our original place but then felt we would have to move
before any morning ferry arrived. So we were up again around 0600 and moved to another bay around the headland from where we were able to take the dinghy ashore to get our shopping.
On our arrival on the quay we had a quick walk around found the supermarket and checked out the old church - which was locked, on our return to the dinghy Rob was soaked by buckets of water being thrown very enthusiastically by
the young men on the jetty - apparently it was the island's annual 'water day'!! Fortunately I managed to stop any serious drenching but did let them soak my feet.
We left and headed for the bay to the south east of Kas where we planned to anchor for the night.