Isola Ventonene

Rob and Jacky Black
Mon 6 Jul 2009 06:09
40 48.9N 13 20.5E
We left Tavolara anchorage a 1530 and headed out towards the mainland - we had a fresh breeze for the first couple of hours but this soon died away and we then motor-sailed for the rest of our journey to Ventonene.
The Tyrrhenian sea that we were crossing is renown for un-pleasant winds and weather so I guess we were lucky though some wind would have been nice. We saw very little in the way of ships, yachts etc and absolutely no sea creatures just moths! A thunderstorm over the mainland with some spectacular sheet lightening was evident on the second night as well as a wonderful display of stars and several shooting stars too. On arrival in Ventonene we motored into the harbour and were invited to a newish looking pontoon onto which we manouvered with some difficulty as we had a strong cross wind (typical  - no wind for the crossing but too much for mooring up) however we didn't stay long as we were told the place would be 10 Euros per metre per night! We motored out again and went to an anchorage off the harbour where we found several other yachts. We both had a sleep and I had a swim. However this spot did not prove to be comfortable as later in the day a swell came in from the north east and all the other boats left. We decided to go into the harbour again and this time went to the wall on the north side which was O.K but still cost 60 euros for the night, no potable water, no showers or toilets, frequent ferry wash and a swell to boot - but with electricity! Howerer we did enjoy a walk round to the old harbour which was excavated by the Romans out of the natural stone and certainly was worth seeing. We discovered that we could have moored there for cheaper but had not chosen to go in as the pilot book had said up to 12 metres but we discovered several bigger boats in there! It was quite spectacular (will send photographs when we get wifi again) and we then walked up the steep paths to the town above where we found several bars/cafes, shops and restaurants. It was worth the visit just to see the spectacular views looking down over the harbours and out the smaller islets nearbye.