Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 15 Apr 2015 19:23

36 43.9 N 15 07.2 E

We had a very pleasant motor sail in bright sunshine from Marzameme and evan had dolphin playing around the boat.

We moored up in the Piccolo harbour this time on a fairly new pontoon which is very close to the north end of the market. We enjoyed re-visiting the market and had a delightful brunch sitting in the sunshine at our favourite deli at the north end of the market. it is a must if you are ever visiting = ask for the aperitivo especialle! That with  litre of house wine set us up for the day! Suzanne and Graham explored various places and we managed to get a few more jobs done Jacky re-visied the hairdresser where she had her hair cut last September and we also got some laundry done. Next stop Catania.