Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 1 May 2012 13:21
36 41.5 N 28 02.5 E
Saturday 28th April – Wednesday 2nd May
We had a quiet night at anchor in Bozuk Buku the next bay down from Serce
before heading for Bozburun to check out of Turkey. A very pleasant
surprise while at the anchorage was to meet up with Pauline and Peter on
board Forever Freedom – friends from our time in Alanya. We had drinks
with them and caught up on all the Alanya news.
We found a place alongside the wall at the far end of the harbour in
Bozburun and paid for 4 nights. It was fairly quiet apart from a small
fleet of young Optamist sailors learning their craft inside the harbour –
so they had to be avoided while we manoeuvred! The new dues are 40 Tl
which included water and electricity. The market was held on Tuesday so
Jacky took the chance to stock up on fresh food and the laundry lady was
still charging 15 Tl for a load so that also got done! Lodos yacht agency
provided the check out service for 30 Euros and all was done within a
couple of hours!
Our friends June and Steve arrived on Monday and also found a space
alongside for their yacht Piper. We will be parting company after tomorrow
as we head south and they head north.
The weather has been lovely a nice breeze in the afternoons with wall to
wall sunshine every day since leaving Marmaris. Off to Simi in the morning
to check into Greece for the rest of the summer.