Gulf of Volos

Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 12 Aug 2011 08:33
39 09.1 N 23 12.8 E
Our trip from Skopolos took us past Skiathos and into the Gulf of Volos with an increasing breeze which enabled us to hoist the Gib for a while.
We passed several interesting bays which we may well investigate once the predicted gale force winds abate. Our final destination on a mooring buoy
just south east of the Sunsail base proved to be a great spot to sit out the wind. There were several other boats anchored or on 'borrowed' buoys, including Summer Wind and
Sarenity - 2 Australian flagged yachts that we had met last week. A few others arrived later on Wednesday night seeking shelter from the building winds. We sat out the night in
a reasonable fashion though the boat was swinging all over the place as the wind gusted from between N.N.W through to E.N.E with a top speed of around 30 knots. It continued to blow
around a F.5 for most of Thursday but there was no rain and the sun was shining most of the day. We had drinks on board Summer Wind in the early evening and by then the wind was down to a
a gentle F.2 from the N.W. We watched with interest for much of the afternoon as two sea planes and a helicopter ferried water to a fire which must have been close to us but out of sight over the hill to our N.E.
The planes and helicopter scooped water up from the bay and then disappeared from sight only to return some 15 minutes later to repeat the operation. We could see smoke rising and gradually towards
dusk this stopped completely and the ariel fire brigade left the site. We had a lovely quiet night on Thursday and decided to stay here for one more day with the view to getting ashore and exploring the
area - hopefully we will get some information from the Sunsail staff about the buses in to the local town of Milina.