Lapseki Dardanelles

Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 22 May 2011 08:14
40 21.1 N 26 41.4 E
Tuesday 17th - Wednesday 18th May
Lapseki is a small fishing harbour with a new outer protective wall giving good all round shelter. There were a number of medium sized FBs alongside the inner jetty and then
lots more even smaller FBs alongside these so no room for yachts alongside. However the harbour had sufficient space and depths in the centre for 4 - 5 yachts to anchor.
We duly did and then stayed for two nights as the weather was pretty miserable - drizzle and strong head winds to hinder progress out of the Dardanelles. Our friends June and Steve on Piper
left on Wednesday and reported a very slow passage at times only managing 2 knots against the wind and current. The holding was excellent so despite strong gusts of wind we felt secure
for the next 24 hours and caught up on some sleep having had several very early starts and long days to get here.
We left very early on Thursday heading for Erdik some 50 miles into the Sea of Marmara. It was cold and damp and misty, with a N.E. wind of around 15 knots so our progress was slow but we did manage to maintain at least
4 knots most of the way and once out of the narrow channel speeds picked up  - we hoisted the main and this gave us a more speed so managed a fairly quick journey to Erdik arriving around 1600.