Farewell to Leros

Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 16 Apr 2010 06:25
15th April 2010
We have finally decided to leave this lovely island and make our way north, having been here on the quay at Port Lake for nearly a week.
There are several boats here that were wintered in the yard at Parthenon so a very friendly atmosphere amongst all the folk.
We have done some stocking up for stores as the shops are very good especially the fruit and vegetables. We have also found an excellent
butchers where the family are Australian Greeks and of course speak English which helps rather when you want to choose certain
cuts of meat. They also stock some specialist local products - the best feta we've had in Greece, some very good bacon and their own olive oil which is fantastic!
Yesterday we said good bye to our friends from Scotland they were taking the Blue Star ferry back to Piraeus - Cameron (aged 15) went up the mast for us a
couple of days ago to straighten the tail end of the Windex (not a job either of us relish as the mast is so high!). We continue to have problems with the new speed log
instrument and finally called Ray Marine for advice it would seem we will have to replace the transducer though possibly not the whole cable (which would be almost impossible
without tearing the boat apart!). We have arranged to meet up with an electronics guy in Samos next week to splice the new cable and transducer to the existing run of cable
which disappears under the port flooring and behind the wardrobes into a ducting which re-appears at the base of the binnacle.
We also did a 'flare' check yesterday and found that we need to replace the parachute flares which are out of date. We have ordered some and hope they will be here later today.
It was very warm yesterday so I went for my first swim in the sea - amazingly pleasant - and certainly warmer than my first dip last year in Lagos in April.
I also treated myself to a 'pedicure' from the local beautician so my toes are sparkling with shinny red polish and my feet look presentable for wearing sandals for the
rest of the season. We have had the bikes out for an airing and as the town here is flat have whizzed about getting the shopping. In fact Rob has just returned from
getting bread for breakfast! So time to sign off for now.