Galaxidhi and Delphi

Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 9 May 2013 11:50

38 22.6 N 22 23.2 E


Wed 8th - Sat. 10th May

We had a quick motor sail to Galaxidhi and were pleased to note that several largish yachts game away from there before we arrived. This was lucky as it only has a smallish quay and we may well have found ourselves rafted out. All was well and we arrived  dropped anchor and  tied back to the quay. This certainly is a delightful place with clean paved quayside, water and electric points that work and some lovely little shops and tavernas on the harbour side. A couple of hours later the wind increased and we were not happy with our mooring as we were being blown down onto the boat next to us so we made a rapid decision to move to an alongside spot on the stubby mole which was empty. This was achieved rapidly before the wind increased again and the thunderstorm and rain arrived! Retrospectively we probably should have re-anchored with more chain (we only had 35 metres out) as the new position although secure was more exposed and we had waves crashing into the back of the boat when the wind increased the following day! Next morning we had a local taxi to take us to Delphi, wait for us and bring us back for 65 E. It was a grand expedition with the road up into the foot hills of Mount Parnassos (on which there were still patches of snow!) revealing lovely scenery. The site was truly spectacular  set up in the mountains on a steep rocky area with ravines and springs. The way the buildings have been constructed so far from flat land is truly amazing. The museum contained some very special exhibits with the most interesting one being the statue of the charioteer in bronze. This is almost unique as only 3 major bronze statues have been recovered from ancient Greek sites - mostly because they were melted down for other use when found until more recent times!

We really enjoyed exploring this lovely town and discovered that it was once the heart of the wooden ship-building industry, the small museum was well worth a visit and gave us some interesting back ground to the more recent history. There is a lovely tree covered peninsula which has paths for walking and we duly took a stroll one early evening before dining at one of the tavernas where Jacky and Wiz had sheltered, while out shopping the previous day, from yet another torrential downpour. 

The harbour provides free water and electricity but you do have to pay harbour dues and the Port Police will call on you to ask you to report to their office. Our total bill for 3 nights was 26 E so cheap at half the price eh?

We were sorry to leave here as it is probably one of the best places we have visited this year so far.