Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 21 Aug 2013 07:46

43 43.4 N 15 47.8 E

Otak Prvic Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd  August

We had a pleasant passage south from Murter with the genoa giving us some good extra speed on top of the engine at 1500revs. The island of Prvic stands near the entrance to the channel going into Sibinic so we had been past it before but didn’t stop last time. The bay where the village is sited lies on the southern end of the island and is very well protected from winds from SW through to East. As there was a forecast for strong NE winds for a couple of days we decided this would be a good place to shelter. The Bora winds were predicted to reach gusts of between 30 and 45 knots! We arrived at 1500 and found several buoys vacant and the quay still had room for 5 or 6 boats. We were delighted to see Time Out a boat we had met while participating in the EMYR in 2010! We called hello and later Barry and Gail came over in their dinghy for a catch up and drink! We stayed in Prvic for 3 nights in the end – at 218K per night we felt it was good value. It is a lovely little place and quite a popular holiday destination judging by the number of small ferries that call at the quay during the day. By the evening the harbour was full and there were even 3 yachts anchored inside (albeit in very restricted swinging room) and 5 anchored just south of the quay in the outer bay. We took the dinghy ashore and explored a bit including visiting the museum which is dedicated to a former resident from the 16th century Faust Vrancic, who was an inventor. The wind certainly did gust a good deal particularly on Tuesday evening and we were swinging and lurching around the buoy quite violently at times. We even had a couple of rain showers. The next day it was still windy so we stayed for another night. The sea temperature fell dramatically and was a chilly 22 C when Jacky took her before breakfast swim!