Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 27 Jun 2009 16:24
40 55.3N 09 30.6E
22nd - 24th June
We left Cala Volpe early and motored south to Olbia - managed to actually sail for over an hour before we rounded the rather impressive headland
- Capo Figari and into the bay where we had wind on the nose for the rest of the passage. We were entering the port in good company a very classy
cruise liner (French) came in with us so we hurridly moved to the port side on the channel out of the way while she manouvered into her berth.
We had called the Circolo Nautico earlier and so we were met by a young man who directed us to an end berth which was alongside for a change!
Once all fast he was able to point out the facilities, power water showers and toilets. The friendly dutch couple on the boat next to us explained where the supermarket was.
The club here was lovely very friendly - though not much English spoken. We availed ourselves of the showers and then set off for a big shop at the supermarket which proved to
be the best on we have found in Sardinia to date. On the way back we stopped at the club house bar and had some lovely local chilled wine Vermentino. To our delight this came with a super selection of 'anti-pasta'
on the house!
The following morning Bert and gerry arrived - their flight was on time so we were able to leave the berth and head off for a super sail back to Cala Volpe where we thought they would be able to 'chill' after the very early flight.
Duly anchored and after a late lunch we all retired for a well earned siesta. We had a swim before super and turned in early. The next day we took the dinghy to the head of the cala and went to visit the posh hotel.
And boy was it posh!! The architecture was rustic italian and the building comprised of several areas some one storey and some two, all painted in shades of terracota. Inside was really chic, with huge beams and tiles
and cosy areas to sit, very up market designer shops for clothes, jewellry and leather goods. The private dock area had several large ribs from the super yachts in the bay. There were two pools and a private beach area
all the sun beds had two towels ready waiting for guests and there were private gazebos with their own fridges disguised in a cupboard and nets to close around one if you so desired even more privacy!
We had drinks - 2 beers and 2 local wines - these came with some delicious olives and a bowl of nuts - the bill was a staggering 58 Euros! so we decided this would not be the place for Bertie's birthday supper after all!
On the way back to the boat we stopped off at a sandy beach and Gerry and I swam from there back to the boat with the men folk acting as guard boat incase of 'errant ribs' flying about.
We had another good night and the following morning set off for Portisco where there is a marina and we had heard a reasonable anchorage nearby.