Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 26 Aug 2009 07:30
38 00.7N 22 45.2E
We stayed in Trizonia until Monday 24th of August as we really got into the swing of the slow pace of life and also we were waiting for some favorable wind to get further east in the bay of Corinth. We met a French couple Alain and Ingrid (from Argentiere near Chamonix) who live in Kiato in the summer and have a small Greek flagged boat which they keep there. It turns out they too have entered for the EMYR and have a copy of this year's sailing handbook so we are off to Kiato to visit them and get some copies of parts of the book!
On Saturday evening there was a wedding and a baptism in the lovely church set on the corner of the bay that faces the mainland. All the guests arrived by ferry variously clad in smart casual to very posh evening type dresses! In front of the church were metre high steel posts that had been decorated with white net and fresh white Lilies and at the church gates were swaths of cream silk on which huge circular candles had been placed. 2 trestle tables were set up in the church yard that dispensed drinks. The church was full and many of the guests remained outside sitting on the wall looking out over the harbour during the ceremony. It all seemed to take ages - we had finished our meal in one of the tavernas before the guests finally started to make there way back to the ferry berth around 2100 ( apparently going to an hotel for the reception on the mainland!). Obviously extra ferries had been booked and 3 of them plied their way backwards and forwards until all the visitors had departed. The bride and groom leaving almost last with all the lilies, nets, posts and huge candles etc.
Having had quite a blow on Sunday we finally decided to leave on Monday as the forecast seemed to show the wind dropping off. We left our berth at 0630 and motored through the small islands that lie on the north side of this part of the bay. The wind did get up and we were romping along at 6 knots all be it on the nose as usual for the first few hours. Fortunately there was little in the way of swell or waves and gradually the wind died so our arrival at Kiato was very straight forward. We motored in and found one available mooring place (no lazy lines at this spot) so dropped the anchor and reversed in successfully. No one there to help this time but we managed O.K. Shortly after tying up Alan and Ingrid arrived to welcome us and we arranged with them to meet for a drink in a Taverna opposite later on. Alain agreed to show us where various things were and after spending a couple of ours chatting we returned to the boat for a snack before getting off to bed early. By this time we had quite a strong breeze which was sending spray over the breakwater onto the concrete walk way - but this did not deter the various men fishing off the wall into the harbour. They were still there at 0130 when I got up to investigate the chatting that seemed to becoming from our cockpit! Two of them were actually sitting on chairs fishing into the water either side of our stern.
On Tuesday morning  we got up really early and gave the boat a really good wash down (water here on the quay is free but no power. Alain arrived at 0930 and took Rob off on his scooter to find the phone shop (for a Greek sim card) and the electronic shop where we hoped to find someone to come and check out the fridge which is not working properly. I took my bike and went to the port office only to be told that I should go back when we were about to leave! I then rode to the opposite end of the town to Lidl to check out what they had! Came back with some good bargains and Rob when he returned from a successful morning decided to cycle back there for more - the beer was really cheep as was the diet coke and he also found jars of roasted peppers and nice butter! I in the meantime went for a swim. There are several spots outside the harbour which seem popular with the locals and there is even a fresh water hose to wash off afterwards. The trend seems to be to swim wearing a sun hat (well float really)! The water was lovely and it was good to be back in after nearly a week.
Alain has given us a new Greek weather forecast site which is proving to be most accurate - it is only in Greek but the way it is presented can be easily understood! We just need to get the internet to be able to check it so my morning job today (Wednesday) is to find a WIFI cafe! The fridge man is coming to the boat so we are hoping that he will be able to diagnose the problem and we can either stay here if it can be ordered and fixed or head on to Kos and get a part sent there. In the meantime I am looking to buy a cool box to tide us over. We are using the 'freezer' box as a fridge just now.