Samothraki Greece

Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 12 Jun 2011 16:13
40 28.4 N 25 28.1 E
Samothraki Island Greece
We decided not to bother to stop at Gokeada (the largest Turkish Island NW of the Dardanelles entrance) and pushed on to Samothraki where our friends June and Steve
were moored. The journey was as usual a motor sail with the wind light and on the port quarter most of the way. The sun was shining but the swell was irksome causing us to roll
quite a bit which prevented the jib from staying set and we hadn't bothered to pole it out so ended up just putting it away!
The island was visible from 25 miles away as it has  incredibly high mountains/ hills (over 5000 feet). When we arrived the harbour was almost full as it transpires that this was
a bank holiday weekend so a number of large ribs and small power boats were on the quays we pretty much got the last space available on the outer mole - quite a walk from the
area that June and Steve have their boat moored. However it would seem that these will disappear tomorrow so we may move. June and I took the local bus for a trip into the interior
of the south part of the island and visited a small hill village with incredible views to the south and west. We have been recommended to go there to one of the various tavernas where the local specialty is free range goat!
Planning a visit later in the week. By chance we spoke to a guy who we had stopped to ask about car hire and it turned out this is his home island but he works as a charter boat skipper out of Athens. He had also been to
Plymouth University and spent 3 years working at Watergate Bay Surf school! he was a mine of information and so friendly and helpful.
We will probably stay here for a few more days as Jacky will go by ferry on Thursday to Alexandropoulos to sort out a Greek dongle and get the Greek phone set up - there is no where here to do it!
En route from Canakkale we motored into the bay where some of the British (including the Highland Light Infantry) Troops landed for the start of the Gallipoli campaign - having done some research Jacky thinks that her grandfather landed here around the 6 of June 1915!
One other thing I forgot to write in the last blog was that I broke off a large cusp from my first molar top left on Thursday morning pleased to report that by 1400 I had had it repaired very effectively - well it looks ok and it doesn't hurt,
by a dentist for the princely sum of 20TYL ( about £8.00).
Have managed to rig the wifi ariel here and we are picking up a free sight hence the ability to get on line again. No power on this end of the jetty but with the sun and wind we are generating 5 amps at the moment so no need to run the generator