Kekova Roads again

Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 14 Oct 2010 07:59
36 11.2N 29 50.4E
We had a fairly good night at anchor considering the winds and that we were in quite deep water which always keeps us a bit nervous in case the anchor drags!
We set off heading east again and originally planned to stop at Kas but the wind was fair and we had managed to rig the main on the third reef so could sail again the sun shone and
so we kept going all the way to Kekova. We knew once there we would be in sheltered waters with a secure anchorage and of course the option to go alongside if need be to sort out our sails issues.
On arrival we found the usual anchorage quite full (Probably due to the gale warnings issued the day before) so we anchored further up the reach than normal. It has proved to be just fine with excellent holding
and just a couple of minutes more in the dinghy when we go ashore. We spent our first morning sorting out the port side lazy lines. Jacky went up the mast to retrieve the broken end which had caught on the top spreader
cleat and then it was a case of replacing the damaged sections and re- aligning the system. Once this was done we took out the reefs and repacked the main. A swim and breakfast followed and all before 1100!
The following day we examined the jib and found that the only damage was to the stitching holding the luff line pocket to the sail - basically it had come undone for about two metres from the base up.
We decided that it was repairable so didn't take the sail off as originally planned. (We were going to put on our smaller blade sail). We unfurled the sail and Jacky sat for a couple of hours stitching the pocket - Rob did the hard bit on the stiff foot end where he had to use pliers to pull the needle through! We had to stop when the wind got up as we were dancing all round the anchor. We finished the job first thing the next day.
We decided to stay a bit longer here and went for a walk to the ruined settlement near to the village. It involved quite a bit of scrambling over rocks but was worth it to get right up close to the sarcophagi which littered the hillside.
We treated ourselves to a meal ashore that night at our favourite restaurant Ibrahim's and had Mehmet collect us in his dory so we didn't need to bother with our dinghy!
We cheeked the forecast for the week at the wifi hot spot in the restaurant and it is showing easterlies for at least 5 days so we will be hanging around here for a few more days before heading for Alanya.