10th - 12th August

Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 15 Aug 2009 08:07
38 19.8N 20 44.9E
Pigadhi Bay Ithaki
We left Vathy (Ithaki) on Monday morning and motored to a delightful bay on the SE of Ithaki. There is a small island which creates a shallow channel to the north of the bay and two beaches where the water is shallow enough to anchor off. We selected our spot and dropped the anchor in 10 metres - it was so clear we could see the anchor and chain as it landed on the bottom! Plenty of swimming and relaxing followed while we watched numerous boats continue to arrive. Some chose to anchor and back up towards the rocks around the edge of the bay and then ran stern lines to these. Around 2200 a huge MV arrived and anchored to seaward of us - it must have been at least 50 mts. and was called 'Barbie' what a name! We were able to see the chef in his full regalia of white chef hat etc cooking in the galley before serving the guests who were sitting on the after deck and of course the whole boat was lit up like Piccadilly Circus!
Early in the morning I was awoken by the bleating of goats - I went up on deck to investigate and sure enough a small herd was picking its way across the rocks around the headland. They stopped occasionally to graze on the very scrubby bushes and then moved on, most were black but one, the largest - and a real Billy Goat gruff was cream and brown. We both had a morning swim and then set off to Sami on Cephalonia where we were meeting up with Grand Slam again.We had problems with the anchor windlass again as it would pull up the anchor at first - eventually it did work but it seems that when there is any weight on it, i.e. when we anchored in deep water it doesn't like it.Another job to be sorted out this winter! In addition we now have an electrical problem as the transducer is malfunctioning. we realized this when the water sensor started telling us the temperature was 39 degrees and then 10 minutes later it was reading -5 degrees! Then the true wind speed packed up and then the log! Rob investigated while we travelling along but didn't manage to sort it out so it looks like we will need to get a new one!
On our arrival in Sami Andy was standing on the mole to direct us to a space on the inside of the wall - we were jolly lucky as because we were on the 'T' we were able to moor up alongside. The down side of this was the noise from a group of teenagers who were 'having fun' until 0230 sitting on the 'T' using their mobiles laughing and shouting until eventually some-one came to escort them off the mole. We had drinks with Pam, Andy Ju and Liz on Grand Slam before they went off to eat out and we ate on board. The following morning I took the dirty washing to the launderette where I had great fun trying to explain by sign language and the Greek phrase book that I wanted the stuff washed but not dried and at 40 degrees to be collected at 1700. The lady was not going to give me a receipt so I wrote out two copies of my name, 'Paid' and 'collection time' one for her and one for us just to be safe!  I then took a bus trip to Fiscardo for the rest of the day. It was a really interesting journey as the road passes through Ay Eufimia and then crosses the island to pass high above the lovely coast where Mythos (not sure of the spelling) beach stretches in all it's turquoise glory and the isthmus of Assos with its venetian castle and tiny anchorage can be viewed. I felt Fiscardo was a bit too touristy for me - the quay was lined with cafes and restaurants and every inch was full of boats. I did wander inland a bit and found a museum and some of the old buildings which had survived the earth quake of 1953 which were interesting.