Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 27 Jun 2009 12:10
41 12.7N 09 24.3E
19th - 20th June Cala Gavetta, Isola Maddalena
We decided to head for the Maddalena islands today and just as well as a gale was forecast for the next two! We motored round the headland
Sardegena Point and soon found the entrance to the marina at Gavetta tucked in to the west of the ferry docking area. We were given a slot on the town quay
right in the centre - noisy but bustling with people and traffic so quite a contrast to our other recent stops! The tourist office provided us with a map and some
information so we duly explored found a laundry (service only) checked in a large wash of towels and bedding and were assured it would be ready for Saturday 1200.
next stop was the supermarket which was handly placed some 200 metres from the quay. We also found the wifi centre and I had a quick session to read emails and
get the weather forecast etc. The town reminds us of St Peter Port, Guernsey with narrow streets, steps and cafes etc. All painted in terracota and yellow with plenty of
bouganvillia in glorious colours climbing across the front of many buildings.
The weather certainly took a downward turn with clouds and strong winds gusting up to 40 knots at times. Later in the day another UK
registered boat came along side us Celtic Gourmet (Paul and Sue) and we were soon chatting and comparing notes on good places to anchor etc. paul was great with
helping me sort out the computer as I had been having all sorts of problems! We had a few drinks and spent a rather wakeful night with the wind screaaming through the rigging!
We decided not to leave and so had another day looking round, we found the market which had fresh produce locally grown and 3 fish stalls so did some more shopping!
Our german friends (met in CastelSardo) arrived and we agreed to have supper with themon their charter boat later that day.
After supper we adjurned to Arwen for coffee and calvados and while relaxing below heard a cry 'Rob! Help! It was Paul on the boat next door
who was standing on the quay holding tight to his stern line and one of ours! The mooring ring normally embedded in the concrete had pulled out! Rob and Ulrich leapt ashore and between
them they managed to secure both boats using an old concrete post and a convenient lamp-post!
The following morning we decided to risk the seas and head off for Olbia.