Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 10 May 2009 14:34


We left Barbate after 0900 having decided to butt the tide for a few hours as we sailed down towards Tarifa.

The swell was big and the wind on the nose – we reefed the main and for am time had a small head sail out.

The wind gradually got up and at times was gusting to 30 knots while the short steep seas slopped every third wave over the bow.

Needless to say progress was very slow and in the end the engine was engaged again.

The journey continued with several squalls, rain, thunder and lightning, a major wind shift enabling us to free off

Just after Tarifa followed by gusts and more rain with the wind at one point over 34 knots!!

We were more than glad to arrive into Gibraltar Bay where the wind dropped and we got all the sails away ready for entry into

Queensway Quay Marina. The final sting in the tail came as we approached the entrance and the wind got up again to over 25 knots

So we delayed our approach for another 30 minutes. However once in the mooring was fine although we are bow into the quay and the passarell doesn’t work as the jetty is to low making the gangplank too steep to safely use!

Fortunately the boat next door is unoccupied and for sale so we are using it to get on and off.

Did a huge Morrison shop this morning and took a Taxi back – I left Rob to unpack while I went off to get wifi to send emails etc.

Again unfortunately the Waterfront bar still cannot enable ‘vista’ operated systems to connect successfully so I will have to find somewhere else to go to send this or resort to the satellite phone!

We plan to leave tomorrow and head for Almerimar.

Jacky and Rob